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We will pay you top dollar for your used Toshiba IPT2010-SD SD phone. Just contact us today to sell used Toshiba IPT2010-SD SD phones in good working condition. We pay for freight. Call 1-888-234-4975 for more details.

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The Toshiba entry level IPT2010-SD Phone IP telephone, great for remote users. Save the commute and just plug in your IP phone. The Toshiba IPT's work just like you were sitting at your desk with all the features of your desk phone at a remote location. You can form conference calls, see when you have voice mail, and see when other lines and extensions are in use. The Toshiba IPT2010-SD has a full duplex speaker, and fixed keys for messages, speed dial, volume, microphone cut off, redial, speaker, conference/transfer and hold.

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We can design an Toshiba phone system to fit your needs or quote our prices for a system proposal you've already received. We can install your Toshiba phone system anywhere in the nation. Call 1-888-234-4975 for more information.

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