We Buy Used Spectralink 8441 Wireless Telephone

Used Spectralink 8441 Wireless Telephone

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The Spectralink 8441 WiFi Phone (2200-37288-001) is an open SIP platform 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi phone which features a WebKit browser and XML API, and Push-To-Talk (PTT) functionality. The Spectralink 8441 improves on the 8441 with the addition of personal monitoring, automatic alarm calls, and emergency alerting. When deployed in conjunction with a security alarm or lone worker application, the Spectralink 8441 and 8453 provide unparalleled support for isolated workers or other at-risk personnel in potentially threatening situations.

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The Polycom Spectralink 8441 Wireless Phone features WiFi compatibility only with VIEW Approved WiFi Access Points, 2.2 inch color LCD display, 240x320 resolution, Dedicated Duress Call Button, and is compatible with Spectralink SAFE Service Package. There are four (4) Context Sensitive Softkeys, a dedicated Push-to-Talk, and a message waiting (voicemail) indicator LED. The Spectralink 8441 also features HD Voice Support when used with Speakerphone dock, up to 6 telephone line appearances, and a great call Hold/Resume function. The 8441 has last call return, music on hold, consultation hold, and call transfer (attended or unattended), as well as overlap dialing.

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