We Buy Used Samsung Communication Manager IPX-S500 for Business (IPX-S500/XAR)

Used Samsung Communication Manager IPX-S500

Sell Used Samsung Communication Manager IPX-S500 for Business

The Samsung Communication Manager (SCM) S500 is an enterprise-class, full-featured phone system, specially designed to create smart work environment, operational efficiency and enhanced productivity. IT supports up to 3,000 users, low total cost of ownership, efficiency and performance, and easy management.

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Refurbished Samsung SMT-I6021 for Business

The Communication Manager IPX-S500 is specially designed to enable enterprises with a 3,000-user capacity to build smart business communications, the Samsung Communication Manager S500 (SCM S500) is a pure-SIP based all-in-one communications solution that provides enterprise-grade call control and embedded applications such as Unified Communications, voice conferencing and mobility from a single server. Its simplified installation and setup, licensing process and its single, intuitive interface can significantly reduce overhead costs. It also allows the IT team to rapidly respond to sudden changes through its simplified Move/Add/Change (MAC) process, real-time administration and remote support. The SCM S500 integrates all administrative functionalities for the system's DB, Applications and troubleshooting through the SCM Administrator, so the system can be effectively and efficiently managed. Additionally, a redundant server, gateways and failure preventive options are also offered to secure business continuity at all times.

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