We Buy Used Polycom MPM-F VRMX1520HDR RMX 1500 Video Conferencing Unit

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Sell Used Polycom MPM-F RMX 1500 Video Conferencing Unit VRMX1520HDR

The Polycom MPM-F VRMX1520HDR is an advanced conferencing platform with intelligence built-in-including dynamic resource allocation, network flexibility and reliability and cost-effective scalability, all tightly integrated with major UC partners-to connect the most people in the highest quality at the lowest cost. Easy to set up, easy to use, and a powerful tool for collaboration, the Polycom MPM-F platform provides intuitive, high-quality multipoint conferencing to end users, as well as unparalleled flexibility and control to administrators.

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The Polycom MPM-F VRMX1520HDR real-time RMX 1500 Video Conferencing Unit features support for standard network interfaces (H.323, SIP video, ISDN, PSTN and LAN), Hardware technologies, Telco grade high availability, on-line upgrading and dynamic resource allocation, easy integration of conference elements into external network management, enhanced continuous presence (multi-image video), and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) module.

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