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The Panasonic KX-NTV150 IP Camera brings exceptional communication with a built-in camera and speakerphone, offering simultaneous video and high definition audio. The uniquely flexible KX-NTV150 model also delivers surveillance and recording features, while the ability to connect to mobile phones and tablets allows for superior business communication, remotely and on demand.

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The Panasonic KX-NTV150 camera features Built-in speaker, microphone and camera, Ability to record audio with HD video, Integration with Panasonic PBX (Only KX-NS and KX-NSX series), Integration with smartphones and tablets for remote use, Built-in Wi-Fi, Motion, voice and tampering detection, Supports up to 10 multiple connections, Built-in PoE, Easy installation and maintenance, Remote camera control and door opening features, and is Ideal for use in warehouse, factory, retail, hospitals, leisure and reception areas.

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