We Buy Used NEC DSX-40 1090001 Key Service Unit KSU

NEC DSX 1090001 19 in. 6-Blade Chassis KSU Cabinet CYGM

Sell Used NEC DSX-40 1090001 Key Service Unit KSU

The NEC DSX-40 1090001 Key Service Unit KSU s a compact, wall-mountable cabinet configured to support 4 CO lines, 8 digital extensions, and 2 analog lines with power failure. It is Caller ID capable, it just requires CID service from your phone service provider. The DSX-40 1090001 has the capability of intercom and paging to all system phones, conference, toll restriction, barge in, speed dials, call waiting, call forwarding, easy voicemail integration, paging port built-in, and connects directly to paging horns. Includes all system installation and programming manuals.

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The NEC DSX 1090001 Key Service Unit KSU features 4x8x2 Configuration, 4 CO Lines with Caller ID, 8 DSX Digital Key Set Extensions, 2 Single Line Analog Extensions with power failure, Compact Flash Card Interface, For IntraMail, software loading, and database backup, Conference Circuits, DTMF Receivers and Generators, Flash (for storing the system database), Battery (for a 14 day backup of the internal real time clock and station parameters), 2 Audio Inputs for background music and music on hold (1/8" mono mini jacks), 1 Audio Output for external paging (1/8" mono mini jack), Ethernet and USB Ports (for local and remote PC programming), RS-232 Serial Port (for station message detail recording), 2 DSX Analog Door Box Ports with associated relays, and Built-In V.32BIS 14.4K BPS Modem for remote maintenance

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