We Buy Used Cisco N5K-C5548UP-FA Switch Chassis

Used Cisco N5K-C5548UP-FA Switch Chassis

Sell Used Cisco N5K C5548UP-FA Switch Chassis

The Cisco N5K-C5548UP-FA is an innovative networking switch that is tailor-made to solve the problems of today's data centers. This Cisco switch is especially suitable for dense racks that require powerful multi-core processors and blade servers. When used with the Cisco Nexus 5000 series switches, the product is an ideal match that delivers low latency and a choice of cooling options. In addition, you can rely on copper or fiber access for the ultimate in system engineering.

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The Cisco N5K-C5548UP-FA features Layer 2 switching, VLAN support, Syslog support, Weighted Round Robin (WRR) queuing, Broadcast Storm Control, Multicast Storm Control, Unicast Storm Control, Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) support, DHCP snooping, Access Control List (ACL) support, Quality of Service (QoS), Jumbo Frames support, Rapid Per-VLAN Spanning Tree Plus (PVRST+).

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