We Buy Used Cisco 15454-OC192-LR2 Optical Booster Amp Module

Used Cisco 15454-OC192-LR2

Sell Used Cisco 15454-OC192-LR2 Optical Booster Amp Module

We will buy your used Cisco 15454-OC192-LR2 We pay for freight when we buy your used Cisco 15454 OPT-AMP-L. You get a full one-year warranty fo Cisco 15454 OPT-AMP-L Expansion Modules.

We have hundreds of used Cisco 15454 hardware available to choose from. Call us if you don't see the used Cisco 15454 hardware you need.

Sell your used Cisco 15454-OC192-LR2
Email sellphones@businessphonesystems.com or call 1-888-234-4975 today.

Buy Refurbished Cisco 15454-OC192-LR2 Module Specifications

The Cisco 15454-OC192-LR2 is used in Cisco offers optical amplifier operating in the L-band region of the optical spectrum for extending the reach of a metro or regional network.

We have this refurbished card available and are also actively buying. Please contact us for more details.

We Sell Refurbished Cisco 15454-OC192-LR2 Hardware

We have most Cisco 15454 optical transport hardware available. We can design a custom solution to fit your needs. We can also ship your used Cisco 15454 hardware anywhere in the nation. Call 1-888-234-4975 for more information.