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Used Avaya 1616-I IP Phones

Sell Used Avaya 1616-I IP Phones

The Avaya 1616-I IP Phone is designed for the Navigator user profile and managers needing one-touch access and a large display. The 1616-I provides support for up to 16 line appearances/feature keys on the phone itself, along with the ability to add on a 32-button expansion model. With an adjustable viewing display and a four-way navigation cluster, the Avaya 1616-I offers convenience and functionality.

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The Avaya 1616-I IP Telephone is designed for Navigator Users (Branch receptionists and admin) - people who answer incoming calls, transfer customers to different departments or extensions, and monitor several line appearances throughout a typical day.
The Avaya 1616-I features

  • 4 row x 24 character white backlit display with dual position flip stand
  • 4 row x 24 character white backlit display with dual position flip stand
  • Supports up to three 32 button expansion modules providing access to a total of 112 line/feature keys or speed dial buttons
  • Fixed feature buttons include four-way navigation cluster, volume up/down, mute, speaker, headset, menu, telephony application, hold, conference, transfer, drop, contacts, call log, redial, quick-access voicemail
  • High-quality 2-way speakerphone
  • Dual Ethernet ports for connection of phone and collocated PC w/VLAN separation

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