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The Alcatel-Lucent LNW70 1665 Data Multiplexer (DMX) integrates Ethernet, storage area network (SAN) and SONET functionality into a high-capacity, compact platform. This combination enables multiservice growth for service providers from traditional voice/private line services to a hybrid mix of voice/private line, data/packet and SAN transmission services. For deployment and operational simplicity, the 1665 DMX shares common software and many interfaces with its compact companion product, the Alcatel-Lucent 1665 DMXtend. The AlcatelLucent 1665 DMX and 1665 DMXtend are key components of the comprehensive Alcatel-Lucent optical portfolio, providing end-to-end optical solutions for today's metro and long-haul networks.

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The Alcatel Lucent LNW70 features TDM interfaces from DS1 to OC-192, Ethernet support up to full line-rate GigE, SAN interfaces: FC/FICON/ESCON, SONET protection on all services, 240 G STS-1 and 40 G VT1.5 switch fabric with a very large fabric (VLF) main, Rich, full-featured Ethernet capabilities and services; Metro Ethernet Forum certified, Outside plant (OSP) hardened for cabinet and hut deployments, Electrically hardened for utility substation deployment, Shared software and many shared interface modules with the AlcatelLucent 1665 DMXtend.

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