We Buy Used Avaya IP Office IP500 V2 Control Unit

Used Avaya IP Office IP500 V2 Control Unit

Sell Used Refurbished Avaya IP Office IP500 V2 Control Unit

We will buy your used Avaya IP500 V2 Control Unit? The Avaya IP500 V2 Control Unit is the newest control unit for the Avaya IP Office system. It supports IP Office R6.0 or higher as well as IPO Basic Edition, Essential Edition, Preferred Edition, Advanced Edition, and Partner and Norstar Edition.

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Trunk Cards - Supports IP500 trunk daughter cards connected to IP500 Base Cards. Also supports IP400 trunk cards using the Legacy Card Carrier.4 Base Card Slots - Can accommodate Digital Station, Analog Phone, VCM, Expansion, ETR, and Combination base cards. Also accommodates the Legacy Card Carrier.2 SD Card Slots - Supports system SD card (required) and optional SD card Voicemail Channels - Maximum 30 usable for Voicemail Pro/TAPI WAV connection sessions 8 Expansion Ports - Compatible with Digital Station 16/30, Phone 8/16/30,So8, WAN3, and Analog Trunk 16Support for up to 12 Expansion Modules - In addition to the 8 integrate expansion ports, can add up to 4 additional external expansion modules using 4-Port Expansion base card.

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We can design an Avaya IP Office IP500 phone system to fit your needs or quote our prices for a system proposal you've already received. We can install your Avaya IP500 phone system anywhere in the nation. Call 1-888-234-4975 for more information.